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yes across the head, they will go to the monitor to review this one? yes... >> flagrant foul. >> sean: reports the wnba will lose $50 million this year, the is such a gifted player being targeted, a lot of gifted players this year, by far less talented, jealous people who as an organization, they simply deserve to fail being so shortsighted? watch caitlin clark who get rich with endorsem*nts that others can only dream of? that is all the time we have left this evening, as always, thank you for joining as, site your dvr so you never miss an episode? in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, a great gutfeld standing by to put a smile on your face. have a good night. [ ♪♪ ] [ cheering and applause ]

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[ ♪♪ ] >> greg: yes! yes! [ chuckling ] put your clothes back on! except you, sir? happy monday everybody. the annual tony awards aired last night on cbs, hillary clinton received a standing ovation? hilary of course love is the crowd at the tony awards, sins is the only group of people who haven't had sex with her husband. [ laughter ] largely hom*osexual group charlie. or so i'm on told, musicals and such. president biden appeared to freeze up at the end of a hollywood fundraiser before being let off stage by barack obama. or as joe keep calling him, dens l aflac -- denzel.

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at the same event, the president posted this photo featuring george clooney, julia roberts and obama. julia roberts hasn't been of those involved in bringing dead people back to life since flatliner's. it's one of her earlier films. i suggest you rent it. check out this photo. hollywood is so far up biden's ass which reminds me, where is george clooney's hand? [ laughter ] the biden campaign said they raised over $30 million at the fundraiser, that is $1 million for every visiting angel. [ laughter ] hours before jo's weird moment on stage, jailed try to defend of arguments about jo's age by saying he and the other guy are the same age? well yes,'s or starr and john lennon.

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[ scattered applause ] >> ringo finally 11! >> greg: over the weekend chuck schumer posted a photo of a grill where it appeared he put cheese on a raw burger. in his continuing effort to appear human, next week he will take a [ bleep ] in the sink. [ laughter ] their publicans be the democrats 33-11 and the annual congressional baseball game, the republicans lost after the democrats founded 23 runs at 3:00 am. [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ] the house of representatives has passed a bill that would automatically register younger men between 18 and 26 for the

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draft. the bill does not mention a woman which makes me wonder where are all the feminists who demand equal rights? guess they were getting their nails done. [ laughter ] according to ask iyo sky go court of americans hold unbearable views of both president biden and donald trump. which is more "double haters" than any of the last 10 elections. that made me think and i love thinking, on one side of this hatred towards trump, on the other is an optimism for trump's her term because biden is a disaster. rome is burning in all jo's spouses burned toast. as the election approaches, the goal of this monolog is help those on the fence make a decision when both sides inc. the other side is nuts? i can both sides be true? it's a common pattern in politics, if you been at spectator in this world for a

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while, you can see how they are mirrors of each other, the intensity is equal. can only compare how me and kill me feel about one another except i don't have crabs. what? he has a c form where he raises them! it takes his mind off of the herpes -- see pharma. it seems the intensity of criticisms about byron's ignition is equal to the intensity of criticism about trump unstable demeanor. there interchangeable escrows coma and a bag of stale farts. but agent sides it feels as strongly as the other, how can that be? is one side stupid, is the other and a cold and one and light enough to see the cold for what it is? how do you know if you're on the right side? the key strategic empathy, to see how the other side of use

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your side and kick the tires of that argument. when the democrats here trump, they hated this posting, amoral figure ranting about the liberals to the route -- allowed to choose to what they think is a radical simplistic mob. this personality of trump overrides personality so much so is coded as stones to take the policies up even if they work. by labeling the support is a mob the muncy the individuals among them their concerns, their allergies to biden's policies. meanwhile what is a reality is replaced by the what if's of the future. other than see the what is by the border, the focus is what if trump becomes a dictator? it's the ruminations of the hypothetical that result in catastrophic thinking. we call it tdsb to them it's not a syndrome, they actually believe it? now on to the antipathy towards biden, that society sees a

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cognitive impairment that implies powerlessness around those who influence him. he walk his mistakes but we also worry whether they mean, more natural decline, more ambivalence towards crime and inflation, more reverse racism? i would say the lights are on and nobody is home, but even the lights are not working. but there is a difference, we see the policies already in place. nonhypothetical, all batted you do jo's incapacity. the board is like a once charming bungalow fallen into disappear when an old, isolated shut and lives in its. one side feels offended, the other side feels ignored? perhaps i'm shading this in trump favor, but my biases rooted in observation, not prediction. i can see the country is sinking faster than lizzo in a ball pay. but i see something else that seizes comparison is not something similar at all.

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we were lamenting the lack of choices, the old and weak versus the inflammatory and reckless, here's the difference, one side was tested, the other was not. the republicans addressed those with confidence, experienced a toner dips to trump. all the names from robert sanders to nikki haley, but it was a process for reit illumination. and trump still won easily. still the party has stress tested the man, even republicans who despise trump should accept this reality. hell even african-american voters are saying orange is the new black. [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: all right! now with the democrats did no such thing, even though it was their job, given they have a eyes and ears to see and hear their candidate implode. they did not do the work, the primary was as close as a jo's eyes it during an intel briefing to. they formed a wall around him,

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and illegal with a trampoline cannot get over it, protecting his hand human as we saw him at decay in realtime? now they want us to believe he will make it another four years? how about another four minutes? they have meetings on how to walk him to his helicopter. so when you look at what were candidates, ask which party father to the challenge, h. one. which party to the responsibility to address concerns of voters, for some reason the democrats did not. they knew they kick the tires, the total the whole car. [ cheering and applause ] let's welcome our guests! tonight's guests, his laugh is so infectious, andrew palmer tried to put him in a nursing home, fox news contributor, charlie hurt. former ms. miss universe judge, or talent is to pretend to look interesting to. emily austin!

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he thought the face of a schoolboy, in his crawlspace? host of the guy benson show, guy benson! and he needs a nascar pit crew to tie his shoes, new york times best selling and comedian, tyrus! [ cheering and applause ] charlie you have been in this business a long time, almost as long as may, youth been around the block a few times. it's not you're first rodeo. array i'm done. all right, you can see how the way on both sides is equal, each side, we think the joe biden fans are delusional they think, the trump fans are delusional. what difference do you see? >> i would offer a public service announcement, much like your strategic empathy which i

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think is certainly at -- as a reporter you have to do that. but i would tell people, just look at the issues? determine who is better at staying out of the wars, for the economy, and who will close the border. make your decision and live with it, you will be perfectly happy. >> greg: that is a great gift. [ cheering and applause ] but if you are stricken by tds, the emotional burden of that at some cost eats you -- keeps you from looking at the issues. >> it definitely does. i do think, i'm struggling 70 people are coming out of occult? they been exhausted, the button has been hit too many times? i also think that another advantage for trump on that score is that a lot of people who vote for trump did not like him, all the lies of the media

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was oh, joe biden is as great guy, not only is he not that grate a guy, but he is absolutely horrifying on all of the issues. so again, vote on the issues. >> greg: yeah, it's like he is a nice guy but he is batted his job? he is a asshole and batted his job. emily what do you say? >> when you ask people who they are voting for, they refer to the selection is the lesser of 20 what evils, but when he ask what he wanted to see? they don't have a good answer unless it's a given news in which i will never understand. if you look at this point people need to differentiate their personal grudges with trump and come down to the policies because too many people say trump is not a good guy, we have now had a four for -- four years of trump an office and four years four years of joe biden aggravating that is not a choice between -- aside from voting

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from trump you must live in an alternate reality i'm jealous of and i would love to know where it is a. >> greg: i think it is florida [ laughter ] i almost called you gavin because he said gavin. [ laughter ] >> it starts with g. >> greg: emily made a good point, it's very rare in life you get a four year, four year comparison and get to put them up against each other and pick. if he did not know who the guys were, you would have to pick trump. >> and like how you almost called me gavin newson's name and i'm more offended by that then you suggesting that i killed a child. [ laughter ] >> greg: and never suggested such a thing! and said he had a crawlspace and he had the face of it -- >> a schoolboy. >> greg: yes, but you were in the crawlspace. your face was in a crawlspace. >> you suggested i murdered a

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kid. [ laughter ] to which i say, prove it. [ laughter ] to make a serious point for a second about the double haters, we're talking 25% for now of the electorate who will tell pollsters they dislike both of these two men? and i'm obsessed with this group of people because they will decide the election. if you look in 2016 and 2020, the numbers were low but still substantial, trump one of them in 2016 and he won the election. joe biden one them easily in 2020 and he won the election. so for 2024 the polls are showing it's split or trump is leading. if trump has enough people to take the charlie hurt approach, he will be president. >> greg: what do you say to the double haters, tyrus? you have very good a device for people to cut through the bs. >> get a life! you sit around saying you hate somebody you don't know. think about that.

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it's this narcissistic virtue signaling of it, i'm so conflicted because of my personal hate for him president trump. what happened? and never actually met him? what do you hate about him? i saw thing on msnbc he ate babies and i'm against that. you that's really where all this stuff comes from, this thing, you arguable people personally you don't know. someone is that hate him, i hate him when he asked why, never have a good reason. yes them for any reason for the stuff they say, the world will end in 12 years because of climate, six months to go, shoey start looking for meteorites now or what's going on? >> greg: lots more to talk about, at think i will let you guys stick around? [ cheering and applause ] except for you! coming up, standards look bleak at the debate next week. to target the source of pain with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine directly at the source.

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>> a story in five words... [ ♪♪ ] [ applause ] >> greg: debate, low expectations, help trump, roll it... >> it already feels of the bar is set for joe biden take leaders so much more substantially, so much substantially higher than the one trump has to clear which is literally is he alive, is he standing, are the words coming out of his mouth? sitting as i with the words actually are. a wonder of those anyway for joe biden to overcome what seems to be a structural disadvantage. >> greg: all right, guy benson? what just happened there? she could be like me and just tried to with the audience? bushes says i'm going to say the exact reverse, that's what you say about joe biden, i will state about trump, or she is mentally ill. but she is cute. [ laughter ]

7:21 pm

i thought i would throw that in the. >> a lot to unpack there. [ laughter ] you're talking to god that supposedly watch the tony's last night, so no comment. >> greg: did any toni's wayne? >> and i actually did not watch, i'm the worst? that's just projection. the bar is on the floor for joe biden but it should not be. i think republicans make this mistake too often were they say, he will drool on himself and fall over and if he does not do that, presidentially that's a win for him tonight. i think the bar should be taken amends of the 80 percent of the country you can do the job anymore that they are wrong. it is a high bar he should have to cleared to earn another four years and we are talking with somebody's debate rules that they wrote out, and people are saying this is designed to help joe biden? i am not sure they will muted

7:22 pm

the other prisons mike when he's not speaking, in than it out she helps trump because he cannot help himself, a disaster the first debate. i think him not to be able to talk and talk over will not only forced to trump look more disciplined, bofors joe biden to talk more which will not help him. >> greg: also you'd changed my mind. [ applause ] thank you for my comments. it's also -- [ laughter ] is also no audience in the derrick, and i would say that helps joe biden because trump connects with people by that actually makes of quarries joe biden talk more. >> he will not have the crowd feel sad like he had last time, like hate, that is too much. listen i think all the little rules, one tiny little rule added, should drug test. there should be a drug test, like a big fight, after he comes

7:23 pm

off the mic and doesn't fall or do whatever weird [ bleep ] he does. i'm sorry, that was rooted? test it -- rude? i just seems whenever they have 10 days to prepare for anything, he's a much different joe biden when he comes out? not to say he is able to have on adderall and a bunch of other stuff, bloods out some drug testing? make sure that trump is not on steroids. here looks a bit brighter? -- herr? but there is no bar, no matter what happens they will blame this on trump somehow. and the fact that they are even having this debate this soon, they don't even have their candidates yet, they are not even technically, there's supposed to have the drc and honor and but they need it now for some reason. because when he implodes, they wanted to get hillary's weird

7:24 pm

self in, if they make that move with. or if he does well enough and souped up on that super jews to get through, they will run that for the rest of the thing, look at the debate, we are the one! the three interesting. [ applause ] from the super juice to the super drew -- jew. >> aware is the super jew crowd! [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: it is weird they move the debate up but it's also weird that alex gotta do think she meant that? >> no. [ laughter ] let's get that out of the way. >> greg: joe caddy. >> i have to admit, you to change my mind for a second there. i always say trump best campaigner is joe biden. the more he speaks the more you

7:25 pm

want to vote for a trump mac. i'm a fan of them muting the mics, if -- it's like censorship. if trump wants to cut biden off, he has the will to do so. if joe biden wants to show everybody is overpowered because trump is more vocal and loud and competent, of the voters have a right to know that as well. on the other hand, joe biden, the only did energy has with the mic muted is if he gets under trump's skin, they will start insulting him. but i would like to see for this debate is for trump to take that reagan approach, if you remember that debate with reagan and carter, here he goes again. let him talk, let him show his own bs on air and trump has the opportunity to claw it out suddenly without digging insults. and joe biden will not have obama, prime minister of italy or jill biden to welcome

7:26 pm

offstage and i think this will change the trajectory of how voters think these people what about the hosts? i always tend to think i get upset more at the hosts than the candidates, the only follow-through on the republican, not the democrats which is why trump! is always so great in these debates usually, except for that first one with joe biden. he's always beating up on the moderators. by the way what kind of 88 hall monitors come up with rules like this? how lame is this? oh, i'm going to mu to? let them hash it out, who cares. i do agree that i think that particular rule is going to wind up helping trump more than joe biden because of what guys said. >> i disagree after hearing all over this. he who controls the mute controls the debate. if it malfunctions what he is speaking, it's technical issue, he wasn't mumbling, they hit the

7:27 pm

mute button too soon or if trump hits his anger and he is muted because you don't like that language from a convicted felon in. i think the mute we have to be careful of the mute button because it be used to probably save his ass. >> you will probably still hear it. >> i don't think you will get that trump. he's been through it all. he is playing cards. >> he really has. >> if he is disciplined about it he won't. that is my hope. >> greg: we settled nothing. [ laughter ] up next, are a crystal ball for season other joe biden freeze and a glitch and freeze. [ cheering and applause ] yeah! if you'll be in the new york area and would like to get tickets to see gutfeld matt, go online and click the link to

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[ ♪♪ ] [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: the chosen cannot stay unfrozen, the video of the day comes more recent los angeles campaign fundraiser where president biden yet again froze in a geriatric trance. luckley and ice canyon man was able to guide him off a stage. [ laughter ] -- canyon -- kenyan. role it! [ ♪♪ ] >> greg: oh boy.

7:33 pm

so to believe that a forest dump here is capable of serving another four and have years? no wonder it is mostly actors behind biden, it's their job to pretend they're in a different reality. there was one bright spot it. >> when the president wins in november -- [ cheering and applause ] yeah! and pretty sure i'm going to get a sweet shadow in his victory speech for what i gave up to be here. because when democracy is at stake, jack black answers the call! >> greg: i'm so glad he is onto their side. [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ] it's like when you see a crime tag now make it somebody i know! all right, emily, the white house denying he froze? kg p. claimed it was that cheap fake than a deepfake. >> now it's a eyes fault. >> everybody's but biden. >> greg: if you portion of the

7:34 pm

election, you're a denier. these people are biden deniers. >> if it's like the first time you froze, maybe you can get away with it. but he does did this at the g-7 summit were embarrassingly the prime minister of italy had to walk him back to the right direction, it's over there. this is clearly a theme over he's starting to freeze. award portable the left have a wake-up call that not only physically but mentally he is unfit to be president? don't have to love trump to see that he is on capable to be president like you said, how are you going to do the next four years of this? because if you like its elderly abuse, like shame on everybody forcing him to play this role, it's abuse, he belongs in an old age home at this point. [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: it's like forcing a great-grandfather to drive you to and from a bar late at night because you don't want to get a dui and he can barely drive, you just have to go to the pharmacy.

7:35 pm

>> there is an article out -- >> that is highly specific. [ laughter ] >> anything else you want to share? >> greg: you're a former bodyguard tyrus, did obama help joe or hurt him by helping him? >> i think that was the act of somebody who is just tired of [ bleep ]? when you have to -- obama had his time. he has to campaign all over again for this guy? it's on forget all the [ bleep ] heated behind obama's back in office. once again he's being asked to come and save the day, he is never going to come out and say, hey,, it is due to obvious to because he puts his party before the country but, that was a little later that dude, he is not right. >> greg: yeah. >> because you can secretly help somebody off without letting people know, once he put his hands on his back, that's for

7:36 pm

everybody into the building to see petermac you can grab the arm and be a good job, but he had to be like nope. and then pulled him to the back. that's about it the only solid and america get from obama when it comes to biden being fit enough? doesn't matter, he hasn't been running the country behind the last four years, whoever has been doing these progressive things doesn't care if he is in a wheelchair, if he drools, whatever gets his ass through november 1 to get reelected he can drop dead, they don't care, they can put in whoever they want and get their policies done? we are the only ones that seem to care about is. >> greg: can i get this video again? you know charlie, they caught something on the mic as they were leaving and joe said to him, and love do you driving this baby. >> i'm pretty sure that did not happen? >> greg: are you saying i'm

7:37 pm

not reporting accurately? >> only in this case. i'm sure you are correct about your grandfather? but tyrus is right, politicians are experts are doing this smooth move when they walk off somebody, point is somebody then walk off stage. what happened was he walked up and it was very obvious. he grabbed his wrist, this is true among the dementia patients, they get startled petermac if you look you gets startled as he grabs his rest and goes, visiting angels on him and starts walking him offstage. it's onto halfway through he puts his arm around him and acts like he's talking to him. by then it was obvious and the white house says the right is making these things out and doctoring videos, saw democrats dog during the washington post, they are doctoring the videos by taking that moment where he grabs his wrist out? that's the only doctoring going on for three interesting, when i

7:38 pm

heard this through a friend immediately after joe biden claimed his watch was stolen. [ laughter ] >> again at -- >> what the hell is wrong with you? >> greg: old demented people! [ laughter ] >> a rich successful black guys. >> greg: these say the nurse stole, stealing my money! >> right. >> greg: i know, as a male nurse i stole a lot. >> you speak about so much from your old job, you were santa claus and apparently now another job, you were a male nurse, or the life you have led. >> greg: yes, is a male nurse in front of the camera and behind the camera? >> am i allowed to just pass on

7:39 pm

an answer? cannot pass? >> greg: i'm sure you have an opinion we won the one thing elbows say say, think about the desperation of crane john pierre and the white house medication staff where they are reduced to pretending that unedited video that was taken by about 1000 different people in that room was a deepfake and manipulated. it was not? you could say it was out of context, is characterized, out of think that's true but at least make that arguments. a deepfake is a specific thing and for her to blame this on a deepfake is literal misinformation. it should be called out and i will hold my breath waiting for the media to do so. >> greg: don't hold your breath. [ applause ] all right, coming up, hoax about race, landed a dam in last place (elevator doors opening) wait, there's an elevator? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, ♪ ♪ liberty. ♪

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safe step walk-in tubs are built to maximize safety. so you can stay in your home and enjoy the comforts of bathing again. >> announcer: five more words. >> greg: while, another

7:44 pm

democratic crime hoax, tyrus i can ask biden white house appointee and a texas county commissioner seed, he has an awesome name, was arrested for allegedly creating a fake social media profile to post racist comments against himself online and an investigation was initiated by his opponent after he posted on facebook how he had been receiving racist messages accompanied by a clause of comments petermac don't you love this stuff? i do. >> not really, i don't. not a big fan of it. this is the new progressive playbook. he's just running the playbook. they do it in the white house all the time? what i'm disappointed is, where is maga when he needed them? here's a democrats running for office and maga could not a find [ bleep ] to say to them? what is wrong with maga?

7:45 pm

are we not in the hills training? here we got a brown man running for office and maga has nothing to say? i am shocked, i'm embarrassed, shame on you all! >> greg: you know what it, tyrus you are right? we are experiencing a shortage in racism, and we are not doing! >> i know! [ laughter ] my friends did not die face down for these races, it's ridiculous! >> greg: the demand for racism exceeds the supply, forcing leftists to create more and we are not doing our part. >> awaiting the statements, they're almost like caricatures of what right wing conservatives racists would say. it's really stupid. >> at least bald america with letter a, we don't do that, we do and america with the letter m. -- murica.

7:46 pm

>> of this guy worked in the integrity section? the other thing is, what he got arrested for, on line impersonation in the third degree, which is a felony. what is out? i don't know what that is! >> greg: i actually love the fact that he got arrested because that means that will be a lesson to people because i did not know you could be arrested! >> how is that against the law? of impersonating somebody online? >> greg: have you ever impersonated somebody? have you ever showed itself a cage or fake love? >> no. whenever saw the headline, did not realize jesse did it, grew a beard. [ applause ] but if your truth, your truth and worldview is so committed to the idea that we are such a

7:47 pm

rotten, racist country have to fake it against yourself, maybe your truth is [ bleep ]. [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: but emily, you know what his argument will be? a sure i made this up but we know i am raising awareness to the real hated that is out there. there are certainly people who mean and this is sort of thing i'm raising awareness. >> yes, because i could tyrus said a lack of racists though he had to make his own? business playbook that is is a narrative of you not oppressed you are the oppressor, the whole palestinian narrative that we see. what's funny is i don't understand what kind of person makes accounts to comment things on their own posts. at least my comments are nice to myself, i won't send myself hate mail. i find it interesting, you think is this country is rotten to its core and built on racism, you can't win without being this

7:48 pm

oppressed person, may be don't run for office. >> greg: the funny thing is, it's his party that incentivizes this behavior because they reward. >> they rewarded the oppressed. >> greg: yeah,, like this is a good opportunity for music he does not. it is interesting to post hate against yourself. >> i can't believe you're not upset about it him being arrested for impersonating somebody online, you will be arrested for your online dating profile! >> greg: charlie! charlie that was not me who sent you those pictures, i keep telling you. >> it was a deepfake! >> how did you think i got invited on the show the first time? [ cheering and applause ] [ laughter ] >> greg: up next, going berserk on a coffee loving jerk your best defense against erosion and cavities is strong enamel. nothing beats it.

7:49 pm

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7:52 pm

[ ♪♪ ] ♪ we have another clip for you. ♪ [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: when a customer asks like a ass, she responds was a broken glass, or second video over the day coming from a seattle based bikini varese to, the same job i got before i got this gig. [ laughter ]

7:53 pm

after the customer argued about the price of the drink and threw it out her, she smashed his windshield, take a look? >> take your coffee and leave? [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ applause ] [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: charlie, i want to know why your side you're on. the 32 owns coffee and the 24 owns water because $22? those are rub and tug prices. i don't even know what that means is. >> now have even more questions.

7:54 pm

>> do not ask any questions charlie! >> i'll ask one strictly about the video, who pulls up so far from the drive-through window? if you are so far from the drive-through window you can get out and walk between the two, you are doing it wrong. [ laughter ] that's just the beginning, aiken go on for an hour about this video. >> greg: do you think justice was served with a coffee? >> i heard it differently, i heard five dollars for the coffee and the water. >> greg: you know what -- >> what if it was five dollars, to get two drinks from a coffee place for five dollars? >> greg: why do you think tyrus? >> to be fair she has genes on. >> greg: that is true. >> he was post. >> clearly misrepresented. he wanted to copy from a bikini barista and he got coffee from a half a bikini barista.

7:55 pm

he just wasn't having that [ bleep ]. >> greg: strange combination. >> it is a strange combination. >> greg: coffee and -- >> apparently in every one of these drops they keep a hammer. [ laughter ] i guess it's kind of -- >> who keeps a hammer and a coffee shop? now we know why! >> greg: imagine of that could do to your skull, emily. >> i'm very conflicted, i heard he was complaining about the prices, she came out and said he is a regular. as we honestly think this guy who came to get coffee from this job because of the coffee is so banging or because the girls are dressed in a bikini? you can come here seven times in a row and decided the seventh time of the price was not right. on the other hand, emma, she is like you want me to throw this drink i you? as a female, i know where i stand in terms of physicality. if i can to fight a guy, i would try to de-escalate the situation. she's like, what he going to do

7:56 pm

about a punk? and then she showed him. >> think the fact that this begins, of the clip begins with a guy out of the car, that's bad. that's not going well. if it's a dispute over the prices, as been through a few drive-through is, don't you see the prices first? >> he was a regular! >> place the order and then pay? i'm confused. >> greg: i'm just confused by the whole reason we are doing this story. [ laughter ] other than i blame joe biden? and joe biden's america, you can't get coffee with a stripper without getting in a fight. we will be right back? bye-bye dry. hello glow! in just 14 days. indulge with olay body wash. shame. it's been here as long as i can remember. living in glances of people i loved.

7:57 pm

and ones i didn't even know. (♪) but what good is shame when it comes to health? health is not about what weight we lose. it's about all of the things a body can gain. (♪)

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8:00 pm

>> greg: tyrus, our studio audience i love you america. >> trace: evening everyone and i am and fruit trees alligator. it's 8 p

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