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the final verdict the final say in your verdict would be handed down on election day and in the days leading up to it if you vote early or vote by male which i strongly encourage and hope you take it seriously that to me is the ultimate verdict. a quick programming note the fourth and final episode of my new special outlaws and the lawmen out only on fox nation this episode follows jesse james , butch cassidy and so much more and you can actually watch the whole series and binge watch it this weekend. thank you for making it number 1 on fox nation. that's all the time we have left this evening set your dvr and never missed an episode of hannity let not your heart be troubled. a greg will put a needed smile in your face next have a great weekend. >> ♪ ♪

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>> speaker-01: yes! well-deserved it's fridays you know what that means let's welcome tonight's guests. he has a mind for politics and a face for a gerber jar host of the guy benson show, guy benson. he is a reason to get up in the morning and a change of fox and friends house to todd piro! her ideas carry more wait than her actual body. new york times best-selling author and fox news contributor kat timpf. and he uses manhole covers as

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frisbees new york times best-selling author, comedian and former nwa world heavyweight champion tyrus. so before we get to some news stories let's do this. >> a grade is that the leftovers yum. >> greg: it's leftovers where we read the jokes not use this week as my first time reading them so if they suck we will beat right joe marti toes and serve them to the audience. in no break with tradition cnn plans on airing commercials during the 2024 debates also choosing adds to cater to the current president. the court his left wing base biden is promising to appoint more progressives to the supreme

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court he has his first pick lined up. skull attached to a dumbbell out of a waterway nancy pelosi thanked authorities for saving her life. the imageworks after a guilty verdict trump warned biden to buckle up ridiculous the only thing biden needs to buckle up is when he sits here. according to a new ranking new york is 1 of the most mosquito infested cities in the u.s. so runaway if you see this aerospace engineers have made a

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suit the tourney urine into drinkable water as part of an effort to make sure biden stays hydrated. >> i'm just going to be first instead. singer lenny kravitz wrote of eels he's been celibate 9 years the key to keeping his sexual desire low was by looking at pictures of lenny kravitz. madonna 2 or had a lawsuit from unlawful exposure to sexual conduct she refuted the claim saying it wasn't simulated sex she was trying to have a seizure people are trying to track down

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the deity mansion not to warn you but there's realistic already gutfeld costumes out there. a white canadian man has been condemned for traveling in blackface to write a book backlash so severe he might lose his job as prime minister. that's justin trudeau. north korea is accused of sending balloons filled with feces into north korea or as we call it the san francisco treat. boeing star liner is launching its first flight into space on saturday good luck said the iranian helicopter. i don't know a new study found crows can count out loud making

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them really irritating at the gym. [ laughter ] it's funny because they don't really lift weights. finally a little smattering of applause here. finally a man who spent 14 grand to transform into a border collie changed his mind after realizing it's hard to walk. dated spending 14 grand just to get your balls licked? just by a jar of peanut butter. [ cheers and applause ] >> greg: i don't know at that means i have no idea why you are clapping for that. with the new york verdict in don't let the bastards when it's time for.

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greg step talk. >> greg: nothing like dramatic events to put your life in focus what's next for trump republican party or more importantly what's next for you anger and frustration are only negatives if you don't channel into constructive energy focus toward having a good day because a good day a good beginning to a good life because the real goal is in taking down trump its taking down you and only you can take down you use by having a good day you can do that and still be passed but you can have a better day if you have a clear mind and turn all that this into power not literally new york would like this empire stapling the

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street urine something is afoot discouraging and overwhelming that's the goal to overwhelm and discourage you that can't happen if you don't live if you let it. they made the mistake of giving us no option but to fight so the next couple months or a challenge sees a tree into habits that burn time and brain cells again list scrolling arguing in the comments section standing at a media that turns your mind to much and what do prize fighters do in the face of bout of their lives they get in shape they train they knock out the bad habits to get up early the gut with sex for weeks sometimes not by choice and sometimes not by choice the they don't make it easier for others to beat them by beating

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themselves first i knew that would be this kinda year i could see it coming so what did i do i quit drinking. i didn't want to start every morning with sandbags tied to my ankles i wanted to get up and fight got tired of being so weak -- so weak that tyrus can take me. >> you sure your not still drinking? >> a hangover helps those who want to hurt you why would you have that just let them have that weapon so get in fighting shape you start getting stronger mentally and physically look at what matters around you 1 of the aims of the trump trails to put everything that matters off your screen suddenly crime immigration and inflation fade into the ifor things that matter to your family become background noise while the left crows about 34 convictions you're wondering why cost $34 to buy milk bread and eggs the fact is the left isn't celebrating because criminals stopped criminalizing,

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inflation stopped rising or the border got fixed bad things will continue to happen because to them those bad things don't matter. keep your eye on that but most of all keep an eye on yourself and your family and friends because we are entering the third active a very important movement like any movie where it looks like the good guys are in trouble the protagonists don't retreat or run off to a bar they stand up and fight in a begins with the you're there but try to get -- protagonist in the movie and only you can try the challenge is there for a reason and the reason is to test you to see what you're made of some cases you might not like what you find the ms perseveres ask yourself what you made of strong stuff are even stronger stuff then people can imagine why not find out together guy benson. i was on next mac last night and

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i saw you post an upside down flag first is wondering where you buy those type of flags. >> you by the flag and then you fly it upside down. >> greg: no wonder i was looking for an upside down flag store. >> i needed the pep talk it's been a rough week my most important take away from your pep talk with satish and jacob personally you always turned on drinks with me because you quit drinking affect i didn't know until just now feel much better about myself. >> i work 1 person a time you're ready feel better any encouraging words for the viewers at home here. >> it upside down like you referenced some pillar saying is this a trump martyr thing i think were a dark place as a country and that's for various

7:12 pm

reasons and i don't see hopeful path for getting better any time soon because when you have a leading contender for the presidency convicted in this sham sort way of all these felonies that if he loses almost asked the country is going to believe is ripped away from him unfairly if he wins of the other half is worried because they just elected a felon it's bad for a civic health which was early on life support for the jury to come down with this verdict but that's what they've done now i will try to focus on the number 1 piece of advice having a good day. >> greg: that's the basis for everything and taught us the whitest man in america. >> even with a guy here excuse me. excuse me, sir. >> watch it you're lucky your mom is in the crowd but guy has street credit so watch and i've got you. >> you may have a white off?

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>> aid to bring a will cane. >> on march 28th national caucasian day. >> i get the day off i love it yet pep talks for your friends of the country club. >> a i don't belong to country club but here's about talk so my people watching this program that saw what happened to the guy they want to vote for they feel like they don't have any control they think they are wrong there are ways they have control they can donate. we saw a lot of people donating if you want to feel you have some power give some money. second if you really believe in the candidate donald trump go in convinced 10 members of your friends and family especially in spring states why you think they should be president convinced him get them to vote for your way for recent logic third you

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can volunteer for a campaign yet the benefit of time utilize that time especially if you are a lawyer contact your local party get to a polling station and provide your legal knowledge for democracy. the big thing they always love to espouse another positive you can take away look at how this has united the republican party. ron desantis is like a i will raise 10 million in florida the democrats are so divided they lost the kennedys. they actually lost the kennedys. what would help is if nikki haley said not only voting for trump i want you to bring your supporters to trump i want you to vote for this man and third to your moving point the bullet never wins. >> greg: the democrats are losing the kennedys usually it's the kennedys who lose the

7:15 pm

kennedys. >> greg: you put in the words polling station and that's interesting polling at those stations it's our duty but something people should be thinking about we know what the democrats are taken of urine optimist a positive person no 1's ever said that but do you have a pep talk? >> i think i can find joy in things is always an opportunity to find connection and joy with the people around you want to share for ready watching home something that brought me joy in the last couple of minutes he won't be able to see unless you are here is when you made the joke about lenny kravitz being celibate for 9 years i looked over and todd had his head down because he thought it was coming to him. >> is ready i had a whole thing then you thought you were good and then in the monolog he said you are a sexless loser another way.

7:16 pm

>> there's little things like that if you look. >> the punchline of the joke it was lenny kravitz is bad looking with wrong with you. >> the reason he stopped having sex is because every time he look in the mirror and fall in love and every thing else was not worth it. >> that's more likely. >> i went through the same phase where it's i'm sorry your not this feel like i'm cheating myself so i get it it's a light-skinned thing were. [ bleeps ] beautiful i get it mean prints lenny milli vanilli it's like nobody else is getting this. >> excuse me harold ford junior. >> carol didn't bake as long as more pasty or but he is a solid c+ i love harold but i'm talking about the beautiful light-skinned brothers.

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>> greg: pep talk tyrus come on. >> i give myself 1. be when you're a coach coach people. >> i'm not doing that here assume the worst which i did i assumed he would be convicted on all 34 no 1 goes to this much trouble because the democrats are horrible villains. leave the villain stuff to us we are good at it we focus on terrorists and. [ bleeps ] we don't focus on feelings which that's what it was a trial of feelings that if nobody likes president trump in new york people come here to get paid and go home. we don't need a pep talk about it because we follow the rules conservatives follow the rules how many stories of alabama carb ornate -- carb earnings to bc this morning marching for miles little tiny maga cats stealing purses and shoes and saying the system is rigged.

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not 1 so i gave a pep talk last night well done america you listen to us. this is the 1 group we're used used to getting. [ bleeps ] on we are used to blowing leads take it from a celtics fan and red sox fan this is conservatives we do because unlike any other group we have to work keep the roads and the lights on in the country enough time to protest and stuff we are good even when they stack 134 years on which he will just so the judge can say it will be just fine. >> greg: before we go a quick announcement i'm going on tour come see me live special guests tom shillue who's also weight hobby in red bank new jersey next week tickets or running out. fort lauderdale and nor durham

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shell renewable race fuel. reducing emissions by 60%. ♪♪ we're moving forward with indycar. because we're moving forward with everybody. shell. powering progress.

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>> ♪ ♪ >> greg: american say we are in disorder with inflation crime in an open border. the biden era has been taking it still when it comes to the direction of the country the real clear politics average width has 6% believing we are were owned wrong track which is no surprising when the leader is heading in the wrong direction even on the white house lawn.

7:24 pm

66% let that sink in if that were body fat pull could work at the view. as immigrations ms crime is out of control biden's comatose, trump is guilty, jesse watters in primetime everything is bonkers is america always been like this or are we getting more information and stimuli from outside sources showing the world as it's been all along either way were being lied to that thanks are good crime is down when they lead out a bunch of cities like legal immigration is down meaning slightly down off record highs with inflation down they tell you hoping you don't know meaning that prices are still rising but more slowly than say last week and some good

7:25 pm

news according to an abc poll trump is in dead heat with biden among suburban women with trump providing the heat and biden providing the dead. and the world seems out of control do you think that is because it is or a new avalanche of inputs, social media, smart phones showing us wants been going on all the time and now it's transparent. >> i'm encouraged by the number. >> you think of the last segment everybody is so divided is earthing is terrible. it's probably a mix as we definitely see more and how often as we live in unprecedented times and it really is so impressive that it

7:26 pm

is we can all take a quiz and go back to the year 2000 what things happen in 22 any 4. 8 trump is president, be he's a convicted felon, seed none of the above, a de all of the above nobody would think the last 1 is truly alarming more and more things coming out people a reason to be upset about the things being talked about as things stop to suck it may be that starts a friendship that's a good thing. >> they mentioned 100% of the country believe you suck at your job. i'm surprised at the even ask that question. >> that even includes my parents which i'm already harsh and myself. they saw i was on the show raw he's there really? i look at the numbers i'm trying to be positive i think it's a huge positive for donald trump for no other reason than other than if 66% of america things

7:27 pm

were on the wrong track will you vote in the guy who's put us on the wrong track the last 3 and a half years and right now a lot of people are faced with that as it a very good chance of joining the studio today in new york city. you have a choice between a doctor who saved waves -- of them before and is convicted felon or a guy who's never saved a life before probably will make your life worse who's not a doctor and whose wife isn't even a doctor. >> that was all over the place. is a convicted felon as a show premise. >> you really use a real facts on the other hypothetical laughing at the other person pretending to be a doctor but your fake murderer who heals

7:28 pm

people it doesn't have the same rules. >> it's inside the actors studio >> you just called yourself an actor, this is what happens when you don't spank right i was spanked it's never too late mom and dad it's never too late. >> let me fix it. >> i will hold 'em. >> joe biden needs a dr jill biden pretends to be a doctor and hunter biden likes to play dr that's why i sit here. >> love helen fridays seemingly drunk yesterday as they got real quiet with a nervous laughter thing outside as why would you scare your mother right like that. for 46 years. >> assigned spank that ass. is there is a seaman implication with the world ending in your

7:29 pm

lifetime nobody ever says it's always the worst when you're here. >> only people he think it's investing is those investing in a fury in. not on the wrong track its an ugly excuse we are exactly where the american people put us this is what happens as his exact were supposed to be because as that's 1 thing. it's all of us were all having to live in this progressive world it's another thing you could do things out of it and be in spire like last night i was trying to talk about positive things and the alpha male thing was brought up is that i'm such

7:30 pm

an alpha male i want a truck with 6 wheels and slake as braggadocio's popping it up. there we go, kiss my ass america just fine. tire sit on it being a progressive world the democrat set new standards for what we can accept as we know for his recidivism on criminals as larcenies no longer crime as somehow we look like getting off the track is now considered the track. >> i would say a lot of people on the left still are arguing things are horrible even though there are -- running the show specially culturally complicit

7:31 pm

in genocide all these things they say notes the hack thing people argue when there's a pole that comes out his approval rating is 38% i'd like to meet those 38% it's way too high partisan and everybody's polarized it's not a partisan question right track or wrong track i would like to meet the 25% of people we there say around the right track we might have different reasons for why things are going great but apparently 1 and 4 are like this is good we are doing well. what are you on. >> greg: there's always that number in every survey is always around 25 or 27% they are just built in baked into the cake i just coined that phrase but they are nuts and weirdos. 1 of 4 people are weird let's be honest you ever watch fox and friends spank there's like 3 weird people on that 1.

7:32 pm

and grates segment influencers planning almost leads to drowning.

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>> is this evil. >> was a mistake mistake telling a stranger to jump in late. she's being called out after live streaming a social media

7:37 pm

prank gone wrong reportedly paying a woman who said she couldn't swim $20 to jump into a texas lake. after she dived in and needed help natalie took off running leaving the woman alone in the water. it's so todd piro. >> i'm a good human. watch. >> and you look at for the scanner. there's a scanner you need to look for in the water. >> codify drone? >> i'm certified you can jump in >> and we will get in trouble? right. >> no. all right. i'll jump in of my shoes on. ready. >> you said you want to swim i didn't tell jump in yes, you did she could've literally died.

7:38 pm

please your freaking me out. firefighters responded by the time they got there the woman in the water was on sure. reynolds posted on it the reason she left the scene was because she was told by her team to leave and the lady was finding got the help she needed. >> abu. todd you said you love the social influence or and now you wished you could meet her and i felt that was disgusting. >> it was a horrible mistake in my file part is this evil? >> it is a reason we should illuminate social media influencers up profession but assuming for arguments sake it wasn't 1 big set up as humanity

7:39 pm

a sit in -- take hit me when she's in the water after doing the horrible thing she didn't go in safer 1 of the dudes didn't either we're in a a wrought right now we need to get out i see more her career dying than the woman dying which is a sign of a real go getter it says social media prank gone wrong what went wrong about this you found a woman who can't swim and said we would give you 20 bucks to jump into the water which she did and then couldn't swim sounds like the prank went to write as a prank is really awful as the move is to help with the drowning woman and then you can be like a look it was prank gone wrong and we helped her instead of running off a little skeptical it's actually real. >> i'm getting upset. i'm about to do this i mean an

7:40 pm

audience shame on you, gutfeld every time i want to say you are brilliant you pull a stunt like this. i guess she just went to diving school and didn't bother to swim afterwards. >> ribau said assuming. >> there's no assuming she dove in the water she didn't belly flop or hit the water justly you know when you are drowning you don't say, hey, where you going. >> greg: i found it weird some of the people held up car cards that said 9-point for. >> that woman is in every other scroll she's not eating another pizza with the girl in a car. they are wearing disguises even

7:41 pm

anymore we are all stupider for going through this as much as i like to blame stuff on you i will let it go because i love your mom but this is on you gutfeld. >> greg: oh first you were outraged nance gutfeld your bad debt would say you you are a fine consumer of such social media content? >> i don't know who this girl's but i can't stand her think it was bad than i looked at her instagram and it was also bad. when she goes to the beach she gets the braids and cornrows done with the beach red flag 10 out of 10 we should us something like that and known she would do something like this. >> when the white ladies get

7:42 pm

cornrows at the beach that's a bit red flag. >> or the tyrus experience all right we will move on up next we unveil the latest fan mail. and just lived with the damage that was left behind. but even after all this time your thyroid eye disease could still change. restoration is still possible. learn how you could give your eyes a fresh start at new mr. clean ultra foamy magic eraser? it's more magic than ever. with the scrubbing power of magic eraser and the cleaning power of dawn. watch it make soap scum here... disappear... and watch how sprays can leave grime like that with up to 10 times the cleaning power, foamy melts it on contact. magic. it makes this ring a thing of the past.

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>> you are watching mailing it in. welcome to mailing it in our first leather acid g i don't know if israel who who cares what is your most satisfying lemons to lemonade accomplishment when did you turn lemons into lemonade do remember this is an analogy not literally >> i'm going literal because i was a really good lemonade stand entrepreneur as a kid. >> was this 2 years ago we streaming conifers you think was the neighbor majuro.

7:47 pm

>> you have to choose the neighborhood that's a key it will throw 20 out the window at me because i was like 6. >> greg: you're probably really adorable little kid weren't you? >> many people are saying. >> reever kidnapped? >> no, not yet. >> greg: maybe you weren't that good-looking then. tyrus? >> nothing like bringing up your good old kidnapping is the best of times. >> if you wouldn't have done it don't only were you a cute kid. >> were you ever abducted cleat. >> i had to fight off them there will be a of white vans behind me i tell them ticket number and then i would ditch him in the park oftentimes they would bring them back after. >> they would scoop them up in a grocery bag right 1 minute they will be asking for a ransom the next they be paying my parents to take me back.

7:48 pm

lemons to lemonade pretty easy. >> on a. learning when to let go of the guys neck it's an artform you hold onto long you're a murderer if you just hold onto it well you're just a good bouncer. >> greg: kat? >> all of it. i turn all my trauma into content i did it with 1 book now have another coming out i had trauma in every thing went great nobody would read that. [ bleeps ] book todd your entire life is lemonade. >> i don't have a good response to that probably the flo rida win i split my pants i was able to auction off those pants for about $8000 to a charity that benefits the family of fallen officers a real thing. >> perfect example.

7:49 pm

>> i read the assignment and came up with an example as opposed to the rest of the panel >> because we all just happened aaron's of $8000 laying around. >> that was good. >> greg: are they taking you home tonight? how do we not have time for another 1? no okay up next women play sanity above vanity ♪ limu emu... ♪

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and doug. (bell ringing) limu, someone needs to customize and save hundreds on car insurance with liberty mutual. let's fly! (inaudible sounds) chief! doug. (inaudible sounds) ooooo ah. (elevator doors opening) (inaudible sounds) i thought you were right behind me. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, ♪ ♪ liberty. ♪

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- after military service, you bring a lot back to civilian life. leadership skills. technical ability. and a drive to serve in new ways. syracuse university's d'aniello institute for veterans and military families has empowered more than 200,000 veterans to serve their communities and their careers. from professional certifications, to job training,

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to help navigating programs and services, we give veterans access to support from anywhere in the world. >> a story and 5 words. >> greg: feel good or look good. kat 2000 american women, yum

7:54 pm

were polled again 66% said improving mental and physical health makes them feel more beautiful than actually improving their physical appearance. are they lying? >> absolutely not. there are times when my mental health was bad i wasn't looking good either. >> greg: the guys are attracted to chicks who are crazy. >> i know. >> greg: 66%. >> not all of us. >> i'm with guy, different league but, yeah,. >> if you don't feel good you are going to look good. >> but there is the stereotype of the bad person being jolly me

7:55 pm

leave. >> double-edged sword? >> greg: a double-edged sword. if you feel good look bad you will never do anything to improve your bad looks so at college i feel like feeling good is better than looking good because looks are fleeting and how you feel about yourself and your mental health last value. >> greg: interesting. would you rather be miserable brad pitt were extremely happy danny devito. >> extremely happy danny that's where i grew up. i grew up in northern new jersey where your next meal as your eating your current meal north jersey knows what i'm talking about and that's a cycle that continues at the end of the day

7:56 pm

is more important to be happy as looks fade like guys always say and not the motto of essex county northern new jersey definitely not the way i grew up. >> greg: kate moss had another auto that said this cocaine is great although that might be appropriated. >> i did not make that up he ran into greenroom to get that but you felt good doing it at least. >> greg: we will be right back. i couldn't get my hair done. then psoriatic arthritis. cosentyx works on both for me. people with psoriasis on the scalp have a 4 times higher risk for psoriatic arthritis.

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serious allergic reactions, severe skin reactions that look like eczema, and an increased risk of infections, some fatal, have occurred. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, had a vaccine or plan to, or if ibd symptoms develop or worsen. still workin' for me. ♪see me.♪

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out of time, thank you to our guests, our studio audience, "fox news @ night" with trace gallagher is next. i'm greg gutfeld, i love you america. >> trace: good evening, i'm trace gallagher, 11:00 pm on the east coast, 8:00 i

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