The Fascinating History Of Can-Am: Where Is It Made? (2024)

If you want a unique and exhilarating experience, consider purchasing a can-am spyder. Where is Can-Am made? Well...let's take a look.

What Is A Can-Am?

A Can-Am is an all-terrain vehicle that was first manufactured by the Canadian company Bombardier in 1971. "Can-Am" is an abbreviation for "Canada and America," as the ATVs were originally designed for use in both countries. Today, Can-Am ATVs are made by a subsidiary of the Finnish company BRP and are sold worldwide.

Can-Am ATVs are known for their durability and performance and are popular with recreational riders and competitive racers. Many models are available, from small utility ATVs to high-powered sports quads. Whatever your needs are, there is a Can-Am ATV for you.

Brief History Of Can-Am

Joseph-Armand Bombardier first established the company in Valcourt, Quebec, under the name Bombardier snow car Limited (or L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée) in 1942. Can-Am was not a brand of motorcycles until BRP created it in the 1970s.

The Can-Am brand began with high-performance dirt bikes, and it was the first to win the American Motorcycle Association 250cc Motocross National Championship in 1974.

Even though Can-Am dirt bikes were popular, the company stopped making them in 1987 and started making ATVs under the Bombardier brand. ATV BRP Traxter prototype was utility-based and debuted in February 1998.

After that, ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles were made for recreation, work, and even more racing success. Before 2006, all BRP ATVs were called Bombardier ATVs. In 2006, the company changed its name to Can-Am. The Commander is a famous Can-Am line, and the Maverick debuted in 2013.

Where Are Can-Am ATVs Manufactured?

BRP is a renowned company specializing in Powersports Vehicles, propulsion systems, and boats. For more than 75 years, the business has been coming up with fresh ideas. Apart from bombardier recreational products, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems and Rotax engines are among the other items they produce. Can-Am is primarily a Canadian motorcycle brand, but in 2007, it opened its first factory outside of Canada.

In 2007, BRP opened its first factory in Juarez, Mexico. In addition to putting together ATVs, the factory in Mexico puts together Rotax engines for ATVs. It is the first time that Rotax engines have been made outside of Austria and the first time that BRP engines and units have been put together in the same place. BRP also has factories in the United States, Finland, and Austria.

In Mexico, BRP operates three factories. At the Juarez plant, Can-Am side-by-side vehicles are assembled. The plant also makes SSV parts likebumpers, frames, and brackets. At its plant in Querétaro, the company assembles Sea-Doo personal watercraft and Rotax engines for Can-Am brand ATVs and SSVs.

Each of these cars is made for a specific purpose. Those looking to finish projects will prefer a utility model, while those looking to go fast will prefer a sports model.

Who Uses Can-Ams?

There are a few different types of people who use Can-Ams. Some people use them for work, some for recreation, and some for both.

Can-Ams are popular among farmers and ranchers because they can go places other vehicles can not. They are also popular with people who enjoy off-roading and exploring the wilderness. Can-Ams are even becoming popular with law enforcement and military personnel because of their ruggedness and versatility.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Can-Am?

Owning a Can-Am has numerous advantages. The most obvious benefit is that they are built for performance. With a powerful engine and robust suspension, a Can-Am can take on any terrain. Whether you want to hit the trails or the open road, a Can-Am will get you there. Another benefit is that they are incredibly user-friendly.

From the easy-to-use controls to the comfortable seats, every aspect of the design is intended to make your riding experience as enjoyable as possible. Finally, with a wide range of models to choose from, a Can-Am is perfect for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a basic model or one loaded with features, you will be able to find exactly what you need. So if you are in the market for a new ride, check out a Can-Am. With their power, comfort, and versatility, you’ll be glad you did.

Final Thoughts

The Can-Am brand is a widely respected and well-known name in all-terrain vehicles. It is no surprise that their products are made with the same level of quality, durability, and innovation that has become synonymous with this powerhouse brand. If you're looking for an ATV or UTV that can handle any terrain you might encounter, a Can-Am machine is sure to fit the bill.

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The Fascinating History Of Can-Am: Where Is It Made? (2024)
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