Sour Raisins Strain (2024)

1. California Raisins Strain - Canna Provisions

  • EFFECT: Cerebral yet relaxing, full head-to-toe body buzz and relaxation with supreme good-feeling vibes. It's the combination of the cookie batter, petrol, ...

  • Da Funk strain buds have a cracked-geode purple and dusty-green color range with wispy yellow-orange hairs, and nearly sparkle from the trichome frost.

2. Cali Raisin Strain - Chronic Guru

  • The Cali Raisin strain has robust flavors that you'll grow to love. This indica has very sweet notes offset by a highly spicy taste. The sweet butter scent will ...

  • We can thank Biscotti and Grape Gasoline because the Cali Raisin strain is finally here and it's bound to be a household favorite.

3. Sour Raisinz - Sprinklez Brand

  • Strains · Merch · Shop All · My Orders ...

  • All Rights Reserve © Sprinklez brand 2024

4. Sinse's Hoo-Doo Strain Deserves Its Top-Shelf Status - Riverfront Times

  • 30 mei 2023 · After rolling up a decent-sized joint, I stepped outside to enjoy the nice weather while smoking. Related. Robust Cannabis' California Raisins # ...

  • The strain hits like a true hybrid and has a savory profile

5. Smash Hits Strains

6. California Raisins AA+ | Buy Weed Online

  • The terpene explosion of California Raisins Strain comes courtesy of the lineage of Biscotti and Grape Gasoline, two fan-favorite indica dominant hybrids.

  • The terpene explosion of California Raisins Strain comes courtesy of the lineage of Biscotti and Grape Gasoline, two fan-favorite indica dominant hybrids

7. California Raisins 3.5g (Smash Hits) - Nova Farms

  • Whatever images the name may conjure in your head, there's only one thing you need to picture with this strain: FLAVOR. The terpene explosion of the Smash ...

  • California Raisins 3.5g (Smash Hits) - 3.5g - Whatever images the name may conjure in your head, there’s only one thing you need to picture with this strain: FLAVOR. The terpene explosion of the Smash Hits California Raisins – which is a 2022 High Times People’s Choice Cannabis Cup for Massachusetts winner – comes courtesy of the lineage of Biscotti and Grape Gasoline, two fan-favorite indica dominant hybrids. But it’s the combination of the cookie batter, petrol, and deep grape flavors and the fantastic cerebral uplift and body calming effects that makes this one a surefire win for anyone looking for their next favorite strain from Smash Hits. | Indica Dominant | Find California Raisins 3.5g (Smash Hits) - 3.5g in Nova Farms Dracut! Rec only. 21+

8. Sour Grape Strain - Colorado Springs Dispensary - Order Online

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  • Our Sour Grape strain offers a solid, Indica-dominant buzz, with savory sour, rich, earthy flavors that blast your taste buds. Buy online or in-store today!

9. California Raisins | Robust - Verts Dispensary

10. CaliRaisin (Envy Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info -

  • CaliRaisin Lineage / Genealogy · »»» Purple Elephant x Chemdog Sour Diesel · Purple Elephant. »»» Purple Urkel x Unknown Strain · Purple Urkel (specified above) ...

  • Grape Pie x CaliSunset...

11. Sun-Maid's New Sour Raisin Snacks Offer Deliciously Sour Flavors of ...

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  • /PRNewswire/ -- Sun-Maid Growers of California is entering the fruit snacks category by expanding its product lineup to include Sour Raisin Snacks. Relaunched...

12. Sun-Maid Sour & Fruity Raisin Snacks

  • Simply Good Deliciously Sour Healthy never tasted so good! These delicious sour golden raisins are changing the way we snack Each box contains seven 07oz ...

  • Simply Good Deliciously Sour   Healthy never tasted so good! These delicious sour golden raisins are changing the way we snack Each box contains seven 07oz bags Available in 5 flavors Watermelon Mixed Berry Strawberry Blue Raspberry   Fruity Raisins   Peach Tropical Punch

13. California Rasins #2 Smalls | From the Earth - Raytown

  • *Cannabis and Sales tax will be added at checkout. ... Our infamous California Raisins is an uplifting yet calming blend of Cookies Biscotti and Compound's Grape ...


14. HEF - Pre Roll - California Raisins | Cannabis 21 - Hoquiam

  • HEF - Pre Roll - California Raisins. 1/8 oz$25.00. 1. ​. Add to cart. *All ... Sour Die…… Local Farmers. THC: 0.1% · $3.00. Local Farmers - Pre Roll - Grape ...

15. Robust - Live Rosin - California Raisins #1 - Proper Cannabis

  • Robust - Live Rosin - California Raisins #1. 1g$65.00. 1. ​. Add to cart ... Sour GMO Cookies x MAC Cured Wax… Infinity Concentrates. Hybrid • THC: 68.33 ...

  • Order cannabis for pick up from Proper Cannabis in downtown Kansas City, MO. View the marijuana dispensary menu, reviews and photos. Pre-order online for our drive thru or shop in store today!

16. From Raisins To Cannabis: How Legacy Farming And Single ...

  • 22 aug 2022 · A fifth-generation California farmer with a legacy of raising cattle and growing grapes, Thomas Martin oversees Raw Garden's research and ...

  • A fifth-generation California farmer with a legacy of raising cattle and growing grapes, Thomas Martin oversees Raw Garden’s research and development, as well as their agriculture operations and manufacturing.

17. 5 Top Rythm Cannabis Strains - Canna Provisions

  • 7 feb 2024 · ... Sour Diesel, you are left with a strain that soars to the highest ... California Raisins | 1oz Buds | Value Zip. $120. Flower [Flower].

  • RYTHM is a national cannabis brand that delivers purity and potency in premium flower, vape and concentrates. Learn about Scout Breath, French King, Brownie Scout, Alien Apple Warp, and Gelato.

18. California Indica Marijuana Strain Information & Reviews - AllBud

  • 22 aug 2020 · The aroma is of earthy herbs and spices with a rich chocolate overtone accented by sharp sour fruits. California Indica buds have thick grape- ...

  • California Indica, also known as “Cali Indica” or simply “California,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (65% indica/35% sativa) created through a cross of the classic Afghani X California Orange Bud strains. If you love a great indica high, look no further – California Indica has every...

Sour Raisins Strain (2024)


What strain yields the most buds? ›

Sativas or Indicas—Which Yield More? In general, sativa-dominant cannabis strains tend to provide heavier yields. These varieties reach much taller heights—sometimes resembling small trees—and produce bigger canopies, with more bud sites.

What is the best strain ever? ›

  • Most Potent Strain Overall: Godfather OG.
  • Relaxing and Euphoric Highs: Gorilla Glue #4.
  • Potential Pain Relief: Cake Bomb.
  • Powerful Energizing Effects: Bruce Banner.
  • Intense Mood Upliftment: Chocolope Fem.
  • Impressively High Yields: Apple Betty.
  • Irresistible Terpene Profile: Titan F1.
May 21, 2024

What strain will get me the highest? ›

What are the strongest weed strains
  • Godfather OG: It's #1 on the list for a reason! ...
  • Strawberry Banana: A sativa-dominant hybrid with THC percentages rivaling the strongest strains (up to 26%), Strawberry Banana delivers an uplifting and euphoric experience with a fruity, enjoyable taste.

What is the strongest sativa strain? ›

Strongest Marijuana Sativa Strains in 2024:
  • Super Silver Haze. THC Content: Up to 25% ...
  • Green Crack. THC Content: Around 24% ...
  • Strawberry Cough. THC Content: Approximately 23% ...
  • Durban Poison. THC Content: Up to 26% ...
  • Jack Herer. THC Content: Around 23% ...
  • Tangie. THC Content: Approximately 24% ...
  • Pineapple Express. ...
  • Ghost Train Haze.
Jan 20, 2024

What strain is best for dense buds? ›

Grandmommy Purple is like that prized possession in a collector's cabinet. Enthusiasts swear by its dense, sticky buds, labeling it a “must-have” strain. And the name isn't just for show – it does live up to its reputation. Imagine yourself sinking into a cloud of purple smoke, feeling sleepiness wash over you.

What is the strongest indica strain ever? ›

What Is the Strongest Indica Weed Strain? Girl Scout Cookies is among the strongest Indica strains, followed by the Granddaddy Purple hybrid strain and Hindu Kush.

What strain gets you high the longest? ›

Our Top Picks: The Best Cannabis Strains for a Long-Lasting High
  • Blissful Wizard – Top Energizing Hybrid for long-lasting high.
  • Durban Poison – People's Choice for Longer Effects.
  • Pink Gorilla – Delicious Indica Quality.
  • GMO Cookies – Powerful Pain & Stress Relief.
  • Kansas City Kush – Top Shelf Indica for Powerful Effects.

What strain gives the best body high? ›

Indica effects are often referred to as a “body high.” This is also often referred to as "couch-lock" and is best described as intense physical relaxation. Since Indica strains tend to be so relaxing, they are best to use during the evening hours, when a wave of tiredness and relaxation is desired.

What strain is 100% indica? ›

Pakistan Chitral Kush: This strain is 100% indica and it grows in the wild in a Pakistani province called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It stands out due to its spectacular resin production, making this plant one of the most used in as far as hash extractions.

What is the best strain for a happy high? ›

What are the best strains for feeling euphoric?
  • Rainbow Belts. ...
  • Face Off OG. ...
  • Apples and Bananas. ...
  • White Runtz. ...
  • Gelato. ...
  • Jack Frost. This strain evokes a winter wonderland all year round. ...
  • GMO Cookies. Funky and fun. ...
  • Gushers. Gushers brings the gas of both Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush with a berry twist.

What strain of runtz is the strongest? ›

If you're looking for the most potent Runtz strain to blow your top off, go for these ones: Strawberry Runtz – 32% THC. Coochie Runtz – 29% THC. Runtz Muffin – 29% THC.

What is the most giggly strain? ›

Best weed strains for laughing
  • Laughing Buddha: Sativa.
  • Chemdawg: Hybrid.
  • OG Kush: Hybrid.
  • Church OG: Indica.
  • Sweet Diesel:Sativa.
  • Blue Diesel:Hybrid.
  • Ghost Train Haze: Sativa.
  • Strawberry Amnesia: Sativa.
Oct 4, 2023

What strain is 100% sativa? ›

Pure sativa strains are hard to find, but they do exist. Pure sativa strains are believed to produce effects that may make you feel energized, upbeat, and focused. Examples of popular pure sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Green Crack, and Maui Wowie.

What is the strongest strain of all time? ›

  • Godfather OG - Strongest Strain of Weed / Highest THC Levels.
  • Gorilla Glue 4 - Strongest Strain of Weed With Balanced Effects.
  • Chemdawg - Strongest Strain of Weed with Diesel Aroma.
  • Mom's Spaghetti - Grows in Any Environment.
  • Chocolope - Most Potent Strain of Weed for a Full Body High.
Jun 17, 2024

What is the strongest strain of bud? ›

Godfather OG - Strongest Strain of Weed / Highest THC Levels

Godfather OG is quite possibly the highest THC strain. Labs put the strain's THC levels at 30-35%. Godfather OG is touted as the world's strongest weed strain.

Does sativa or indica yield more? ›

Plant description: Indica plants are short and stocky with bushy greenery and chunky leaves that grow wide and broad. They grow faster than sativa, and each plant produces more buds. Typical CBD-to-THC ratio: Indica strains often have higher levels of CBD, but the THC content isn't necessarily less.

What strain makes you the most productive? ›

Best Daytime Strains for Productivity
  • Jack Herer. Jack Herer is a classic sativa-dominant strain that many daily consumers use to replace their morning cup of coffee. ...
  • Super Silver Haze. ...
  • Sour Diesel. ...
  • Green Crack. ...
  • Blue Dream. ...
  • Super Lemon Haze.

What is the highest yielding autoflowering strain? ›

Top 10 highest-yielding autoflowers
  • Critical Neville Haze Autoflowering. Genetics. ...
  • Pineapple Express Autoflowering. Genetics. ...
  • GG Autoflowering. Genetics. ...
  • Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering. Genetics. ...
  • Royal Cheese Autoflowering. Genetics. ...
  • LSD Autoflowering. Genetics. ...
  • White Widow Autoflowering. Genetics. ...
  • Fat Banana Automatic. Genetics.

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