5 Ways to Pay Your DirecTV Bill - (2024 Ultimate Guide) (2024)

by Daniel Smith | Updated 1/2/24

It’s important to pay your DirecTV bill on time to avoid late fees. While most people are going to be best off paying online, DirecTV also gives you the option to pay via cash and money order.

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The 5 Ways To Pay

Most DirectTV users don’t realize all the options they have to pay their DirectTV. Below, we have a brief breakdown of your different payment options:

  1. Pay online at directv.com
  2. Call 800-531-5000 to pay
  3. Text Pay to 21880
  4. Pay by mailing a check
  5. Pay by Cash or Money Order in person

How To Pay Your DirecTV Bill Online

The quickest way to pay your DirectTV bill is to pay online directly at directv.com.

The first step is to log into your DirecTV account. Once there, go to the My Bills & Transactions section.

Before paying, make sure DirecTV hasn’t overcharged you for your service last month. Trust us, it’s a lot easier to get your bill fixed when DirecTV doesn’t have your money yet!

From here, navigate over to One Time Payment and specify the exact amount you wish to pay.

If you don’t pay the full amount, DirecTV will charge you a late fee of $6.25.

If this is your first time paying online, you’ll need to add a payment method. You can add a credit card, debit card, or checking account.

There’s no additional surcharge if you decide to pay by credit card.

If you’ve added payment information in the past, you can use those cards to pay.

Review the information for accuracy and then click Make Payment.

Congrats: you just paid your DirectTV bill!

How to Pay Your DirecTV Bill Without Logging In

You can also pay your DirecTV bill without logging in by going to https://www.att.com/acctmgmt/fastpay.

DirecTV isn’t owned by anymore so add your Active Account Number and billing zip code on the fields on the website.

Fastpay is helpful if you’ve forgotten your username or password or have to pay because your lazy roommate hasn’t.

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How to Pay Your DirecTV Bill By Phone

You can pay your DirecTV by phone by dialing 1-800-531-5000. When the automated phone system asks you what you need help with, say the words “make a payment.”

You can make a payment through the automated phone system or you can ask to be connected to a customer support representative to make your payment.

DirecTV discourages this and charges you a $5 fee if you pay your bill with the assistance of a live agent.

You can also pay your DirecTV by text! Text PAY to 21880 and then hit “1” to confirm your account number once you get a response.

You can enter a new payment method or use a saved payment method to pay via text.

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Pay Via Mail

If you want to pay DirecTV by mail, you can do so by sending one to the following address:

PO Box 5007
Carol Stream, IL

There will generally be a pre-addressed envelope with your paper bill. You’ll need to shell out the money for the stamp on your own though.

Make sure your check is payable to DirecTV and has your 9 digit account number in the notes section.

Remember to mail your payment early enough that it arrives and gets processed by the time payment is due.

Pay Via Cash/Money Order

DirecTV also accepts cash and money orders if you go through their 4 authorized payment partners.

These partners are Western Union, Money Gram, Easy Pay Finance, and Check Free Pay.

If none of these partners has a physical location near you, then you’re probably better off paying online or by mail.

What Are the Late Fees for DirectTV?

The standard DirectTV late fee is $6.25.

If your card doesn’t go through or your check bounces, DirecTV will charge you a separate $30 fee for returned payments. Don’t let this happen and make sure there’s enough money on your card or account before you put it as a payment method for DirecTV.

Finally, DirecTV charges you a $9.99 fee if your account is suspended for nonpayment. To unfreeze your account, you’ll need to pay a $20 restoral fee.

Most of these fees can be refunded if you negotiate your DirecTV bill and ask customer support to waive these fees.

While you’re there you should consider getting a new DirecTV package that can save you money!

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5 Ways to Pay Your DirecTV Bill - (2024 Ultimate Guide) (2024)


What payment methods are available for DIRECTV? ›

Note: You can use your debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Alternatively, you may select PayPal as a payment method.

How do you pay your DIRECTV bill? ›

Pay DIRECTV bill online at directv.com
  1. Go to Billing & Payments.
  2. To make a one-time payment in the Amount area, enter how much you would like to pay.
  3. Then choose a payment type: Credit or Debit Card or Checking Account. ...
  4. Follow the prompts to process payment.

What do I do if I can't pay my DIRECTV bill? ›

Request a service interruption extension
  1. Sign in to your directv.com account.
  2. Select Can't pay now? Pay later in the My Account section.
  3. If the Request a Service Interruption Extension window displays, you're eligible for a service extension.
  4. Select your expected payment date and Submit.

Why is my DIRECTV bill so expensive? ›

A promotional offer or a rebate period has ended (e.g., 3 months of free premium channel offer, bundle credit discount, etc.) You're subscribed to a sports package that was automatically renewed for the next season. Your regional sports fees have increased due to programmer costs or because you moved to a new area.

Does DIRECTV have discounts for seniors? ›

Does DIRECTV offer senior discounts? No, DIRECTV doesn't offer senior discounts. DISH, however, offers new customers aged 55 and older a sweet deal with free installation, six free months of equipment protection, and one free movie rental each month.

What is the cheapest DIRECTV package? ›

DIRECTV's cheapest offering is the ENTERTAINMENT package. At $69.99 a month for the first year, it gives you 75+ channels, including multiple ESPN and Disney channels, along with FX and IFC.

Why did AT&T get rid of DIRECTV? ›

DirecTV was one of several large divestitures by AT&T at the time when it was trying to reverse its $100 billion strategic swerve into the media business and return to its wireless and broadband roots.

How many days does DIRECTV give you to pay your bill? ›

Payment Due Dates are 21 days (26 in Illinois) from the bill cycle date (the cycle date is counted as day 1). Because months have 28-31 days, the payment due-by-date may fluctuate monthly.

How do you pay for movies on DIRECTV? ›

If your receiver is connected to the internet or a land line, you can order right from your TV screen.
  1. Press MENU on your remote: Pay Per View: Press MENU and then On Demand. Movies: Go to Ch. 1100.
  2. Select the title you want to watch and select Buy | Rent.
  3. Follow the prompts to confirm your purchase.

What happens if I stop paying DIRECTV? ›

Your TV Package, add-ons, and streaming services will be canceled. – Your recordings will be erased. – Your package price may increase if you restart. – If you have a contract, you may need to pay a fee for the number of months left on your contract.

What does code 611 mean on DIRECTV? ›

611, 612, 613

No servers detected. Check cabling or look for a problem with the Genie DVR.

How to avoid DIRECTV moving fee? ›

HOW TO AVOID DIRECTV MOVING FEE? DIRECTV via Internet customers will have no fees when moving. If you need a DIRECTV via Satellite dish installed at your new address, call 1-888-388-6683 to find out more about whether there is a DIRECTV moving cost.

What's the average DIRECTV bill? ›

DirecTV has four channel packages that start at $64.99/month and go up to $154.99/month as part of a 2-year contract. Entertainment is the cheapest DirecTV package and features HD DVR storage, with some local channels included where available.

Can I lower my DIRECTV package? ›

Good news: You can make changes to your subscription anytime. Things to note: Your online account displays packages and premium options currently available to you. You can view and change your subscription package anytime.

What method of payment is direct? ›

So what is meant by the term, direct payment? Well, direct payment is a way for consumers to pay their bills automatically and electronically. In other words, it is a way to transfer money from a consumer's bank account to the company they wish to pay.

Does DIRECTV take credit cards? ›

Use your checking account, debit card, or credit card to automatically pay your DIRECTV bill each month. Sign in to Billing & Payments. Select Settings or Manage Account (Depending on your account profile). Select Sign up under Autopay Settings.

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